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What’s keeping me up at night

Do you know what’s keeping me up at night lately? It’s the following question: To what extent are apartments downtown and in Hollywood substitutes for the apartments we are renovating in East Hollywood, Silver Lake, Highland Park, etc.? I mean “substitutes” in the economic theory sense: “A product or service that satisfies the need of

What’s going on today

Just in case anyone thinks what we do is glamorous, thought I’d give you guys a sense for what I’m working on today. Am working on securing four¬†different loans: Refi of a stabilized property so we can return ~70-80% of the capital invested to our investors Two bridge / construction loans One line of credit

Our business depends on this one little joke

Jon and I were talking about a deal we’re considering doing. We were going through the pluses and minuses, trying to make sure we were both comfortable with it. One of us said: “…, and we would be putting out a ton of capital.” We both paused, laughed, and then shook our heads. The reason

Thinking about the effect of competition on our business

Just started Peter Thiel’s book about start-ups. Among the more interesting arguments in the book is about competition. Thiel argues that competition is a bad thing for businesses, because economic theory teaches us that, in competitive markets, profit is competed down to zero. Instead of entering into competitive markets, Thiel advises striking out into new

What we are doing here at Adaptive

Our business generally obeys a truism about investing: It’s relatively easy to generate market-beating returns with small amounts of money, but very difficult to do so with large amounts of money. Because we were capital-starved in the beginning, and needed to generate market-beating returns to attract more, we tuned the Adaptive model to generate market-beating

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