Renewing my offer

Back when we were first starting Adaptive and I started writing this blog, I offered to take a meeting with anyone who was willing to come sit down with me at Bottega Louie, which was across the street from our first offices on 7th St. (Even calling that space “offices” makes it sound grander than it was; basically, we all sat in a tiny room together.)

Why did I make this offer? Because I’m a real estate nerd. I’ll talk about ground-up development deals, beat up duplexes in the hood, and everything in between. If you were the type of person who was willing to drive downtown to talk about this stuff, then I wanted to meet you.

A lot of people took me up on my offer and some really nice deals and business relationships came out of those sit-downs. I also ended up learning a ton – some of the people who read this blog have forgotten more about real estate than I’ll probably ever know, and it was amazing to get the chance to pick their brains.

Anyway, I’m renewing my offer: If you are willing to come into our (new, slightly grander) offices at Beverly and Union, then I am willing to spend a hour or so talking about real estate.

The best way to take me up on my offer is to get in touch with my assistant, Shelby, who will set up a time that works for everyone – shelby [at] adaptiverealty [dot] com.