Seminar post-mortem

Am getting to this belatedly, but…

Last Saturday, we held a seminar regarding multifamily investing here at the Adaptive offices in Echo Park (if you’re trying to be cool) / Historic Filipinotown (if you’re trying to be accurate).

Turnout was great – I didn’t count, but I think we had roughly 15 people in to talk about deals and then tour two of our projects.

A few people asked me why I was willing to spend my time doing this. After all, I didn’t charge for it, nor did I solicit anyone for investment, etc.

The reasons are pretty simple:

  1. I love talking to people about real estate; and
  2. Serendipity

What do I mean by “serendipity”? Well, the last time I held one of these, one of the attendees (hi LR!) introduced me to a woman who became one of my most productive agents. Did I know that was going to happen when I decided to hold the seminar? No. But good things happen when you get a bunch of readers of this blog together.

With that in mind, I intend to make the seminars a regular event. We’ll try and hold them every few months, either at our offices or at some restaurant or something in the neighborhood. Going forward, we will give priority to people on the mailing list, so I encourage all of you to get on it.