A question for you, dear readers

Today, I’m throwing a question out to you, the readers.

First, the backstory:

  • As most readers know, we raise discretionary investment funds to buy and reposition apartment buildings
  • Generally, the capital for these funds comes from affluent people (many of them close friends or family of mine) who are happy to put $100-200k to work with us
  • While we very much appreciate the right investors at that level (we’re picky about who we’ll partner with), it’s far more efficient for us to raise money in larger chunks
  • But, we don’t know many families that can afford to write $1-5MM checks

Why don’t we know these larger families? For better or worse, Jon and I are “hands dirty” guys. We know exactly what deals to buy and how to reposition them for maximum value (and have a track record to prove it). But neither of us spends a lot of time playing golf or squash. And, because neither of us comes from a particularly wealthy family, we don’t have those connections to tap.

So, with all of that said, here’s my question: What’s the best way to go about building that kind of network? Should I join a country club? Attend wealth management conferences and network with accountants? Hang out outside Santa Monica airport?

There’s a ton of wisdom / knowledge / contacts out there among the readership and I’d love to tap into it. If you’re willing to share guidance, would you please send me an email at moses@adaptiverealty.com?

Thank you, dear readers. And, I promise to let you know if this little experiment works (obviously respecting confidentiality!).

[Some obligatory legalese: This blog post is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in any investment fund.]