Santa Monica’s dumb anti-AirBnB legislation

Am traveling right now (to attend my father’s retirement party – 43 years teaching at RPI!) so am going to keep this brief.

Santa Monica is close to passing a law that would effectively ban sh0rt-term rentals where the owner of the property is not present.

So, basically, you can rent out a room in your apartment on AirBnB but not the whole apartment.

I get that Santa Monica is trying to counter the recent trend of owners using the Ellis Act to clear out rent control apartments for use as quasi-hotel rooms.

But that use of the Ellis Act is wrong for the same reason the proposed legislation is wrong. There’s no logical distinction between a six day lease and a six month lease.

So, you shouldn’t be able to kick out a long term tenant in order to rent short term, but neither should you be prevented from renting short-term.