Why it all comes back to judgement

One of the under-appreciated qualities that go into doing what we do is judgement.

Almost every project brings with it unanticipated problems, from the trivial to the potentially severe.

At this point, I think it’s fair to see that we’ve seen the majority of these problems before and know the solutions.

But, even now, after having renovated 40+ buildings (I know… crazy, right?), new things crop up.

If they’re easy, someone else deals with them before they get to me.

If they’re complicated, they land on my desk.

And it’s my job to figure out the least bad way to resolve them.

But I’m rarely an expert at whatever the problem is. So, what I do is call on the relevant expert(s) and then make a decision based on my experience and the values of our company; in other words, I make a judgement call.

I know, with 100% certainty that I don’t make the right decision all the time.

But the goal is to be be right most of the time and, to make the decisions quickly so that things keep moving forward, and to avoid doing anything that compromises our integrity or puts our investors’ money at risk.