Trying (and failing) to hire a part-time bookkeeper

We’re currently looking for a part-time bookkeeper.

Our job posting asks people to send a short covering note letting us know why they’re interested in the job, whether they view it as a long-term or short-term opportunity, and to tell us their three favorite bands.

So far, of the approx. 50 resumes I have received, only two have included the requested covering note.

The job posting requires that applicants be familiar with Quickbooks (which we use for accounting on our development projects before switching to Appfolio once the buildings are tenanted). So far, only two applicants appear to have the relevant knowledge / experience.

I know it’s super-easy to click a button and apply for a job. But you’d think that people would at least take a second to read the posting, right?

[Note: Kris didn’t leave! She just needs help!]