Why we no longer announce acquisitions

Was browsing the LinkedIn newsfeed yesterday and came across a video a guy had posted of his latest acquisition, which included the name of the neighborhood in which it is located.

The video had a ton of likes and comments (mostly from brokers) and I admit to feeling a bit jealous. (Side note: If you think me getting jealous about a real estate acquisition gives you a window into my personality… you’re right).

So, if letting everyone know about your latest deal gets you a lot of attention, the question is: Why don’t I do it anymore?

The answer is, when we find an area or a building type that works for our peculiar business model, we don’t just want to buy one of those buildings. We want to buy all of them.

And alerting our competitors to what we find interesting is stupid, because it drives up competition for deals.

So, I will (sadly) forgo the ego boost that comes from telling you about what, exactly, we’re buying, in order to give us the time and space to put out as much capital into these interesting opportunities as we can.