All-in on LA

Have been thinking about how amazing it is that a person can own land in LA.

I know that’s a weird thing to think about, but stay with me.

Land is permanent and, increasing density aside, they’re not making more of it.

It’s pretty amazing to me that, through actions taken in the course of one’s impermanent, transitory life, one’s descendants can, for as long as they’d care to, literally own this permanent thing.

And we’re sitting here in the 2nd largest city in America, one absolutely bursting with ideas, capital, connections, style, etc., and blessed with incredible weather and outdoor opportunities that differentiate it from all the other major metropolitan areas in the US.

And, with the right partners / investors and by finding the right deals, you or I or anyone with energy can literally stake a permanent claim to a piece of land right in the middle of all that dynamism.

Get the numbers right and you can even use (moderate!) leverage to magnify your outcome.

Seems like a pretty spectacular one-way bet, so long as you don’t do anything really stupid.