Sneak preview of a new compound in Silver Lake

Have a small, new project opening up in Silver Lake shortly.

We have:

  • Two 1/1s
  • Four 2/1s
  • One 2/1 house

The property is easily walkable from Sunset Junction (like, fall out of bed walkable). And the lot is elevated above the street and gated, so the property feels very safe and secure.

The units themselves are special… fully renovated, all the modern conveniences, private outdoor space (the house, in particular, has an incredible yard and two decks) and parking. The seven units are spread out over four buildings, so the maximum number of walls any unit shares with any other unit is one.

Why am I putting this post up with no pics? We haven’t even taken them yet… but these units are going to rent so fast that I thought my readers deserved to hear about them first.

If you’re interested in setting up a sneak preview before we officially start leasing this weekend, contact Kayla [at] adaptiverealty [dot] com.