An apology and some thoughts on the future

Have been doing a bad job of updating the blog – mea culpa.

In my defense:

  • We have a lot going on here at Adaptive
  • I’ve grown somewhat weary of seeing people read the blog and then compete with me

On the second point: I’ve always known the blog would inspire competition. That’s life in the big city. I’ve always thought it was worthwhile as a marketing tool to attract clients for our brokerage and investors for our deals. And it has done both, in spades.

That said, as we’ve grown and our ability to attract capital has improved, I’m less and less confident that the trade-off is worth it.

For the time being, I’m going to continue writing. But I’m going to do so with more of an eye towards restricting the information competitors can glean from the blog.

So, if you want the benefit of our expertise, you should probably be a client or investor!!