Trusting the process

One of my agents called me yesterday to see if I had any ideas to help her. She’s got a great client who has been making strong offers on single family homes and getting outbid. Everyone is frustrated.

As it happens, my parents are in the market for a home on the Eastside (working with another of my agents), so I am aware of how hot the market is right now.

While I was able to share a few, minor ideas for improving the way my agent’s offers are written, the truth is that, in a hot market like this, you just need to have discipline and patience.

By discipline, I mean: The ability to calmly evaluate what a particular property is worth to you and avoid being sucked into offering more.

And by patience, I mean: The ability to keep evaluating deals and making reasonable offers until one hits.

As long as you continue making sane offers, you will eventually win one of these auctions at a price with which you can live. Just don’t give up.