Reminder about why I write this

Pretty much every day, I’m confronted by the following question: How much is too much to share on the blog?

The reasons for not sharing are pretty obvious: We have tons of competitors, many of whom read this blog and (try to) copy what we do. Within reason, I don’t mind this… it’s a free country, and god knows we’ve copied stuff from other operators, too.

But there’s some¬†information that is truly proprietary. And it’s important that our investors get the benefit of it, not our competitors.

So, why write a blog at all?

Well, here is what writing almost every weekday for the last ~4 years has done for our business:

  • Introduced us to our largest fee-for-service customer, for whom we’ve renovated something like 15 buildings;
  • Introduced us to our second and third largest investors;
  • Introduced us to maybe a third of our “normal” investors (people who write $100-200k checks);
  • Generated¬†something like 80% of the business for our brokerage;
  • Generated several of our best ideas for neighborhoods / deal types / etc.; and
  • Generated a flow of off-market deals, one of which is probably the best deal I did last year.

Any time I meet someone who runs a small business, in real estate or any other area, I try to convince them to blog. Very few do, because the effort and consistency required is really tough for most people. But writing Kagansblog has been among the top 5 things I’ve done for my career… and I suggest you do likewise!