4424 Burns is done

Yet another renovation project. This one is walking distance to Virgil Village / Sunset Junction.

The building is a mix of 3 bed / 2 bath and 1 bed / 1 bath units.

The 3/2s, pictured below, are really impressive. I think they’re the best 3 beds we’ve ever done… great ceiling height, great windows, all the modern conveniences (AC, w/d, etc.), parking, outdoor space. Oh, and they’re rent stabilized, meaning that, once you live there, you live there.

We’ve opened the property up for pre-leasing while we finish the last few details. If you’re interested in getting to the head of the line, email kayla [at] adaptiverealty [dot] com.
4224 Burns_06

4224 Burns_15

4224 Burns_17

4224 Burns_31

4224 Burns_64

4224 Burns_69