When will I be done?

Someone asked me last week when we have enough units to be “done”.

The question threw me for a loop, because it’s something I’ve never really considered.

That’s weird, right? I’m on a journey to build a big business investing money in apartment buildings and I’ve never really considered what the end-point is.

I couldn’t answer my interlocutor that night.

But, having had some time to consider the question over the last few days, I think the answer is pretty obviously that I’ll never be done.

Let me clarify: Hopefully, I’ll get to the point where the passive income from the deals we’ve done exceeds my spending… in other words, where I don’t need fee income to live. That’s, I guess, what people mean by “done” in our business.

But I’ll never stop doing this stuff.  I’m not saying I’d work for free, but I’m certain I’d keep doing it even if I didn’t need the dough. Junkies need that fix, right?