Will we give free advice?

Here’s a paraphrase of an email I got yesterday: “I’ve been working with another broker. I can’t seem to find any deals. Can you please give me some free advice about what I should buy.”

I don’t mean to pick on the guy who sent it, but this kind of email drives us crazy. Why?

We’ve worked long and hard to develop a framework for evaluating deals that helps us help our clients navigate through the market.

Because we have developed this framework, it’s pretty easy for us to give advice. We can listen to someone talk about their goals for 5-10 minutes and have a good sense for whether they should do a deal, what sort of deal they should do and how they can find that deal.

If we give this advice away for free (eg without earning a commission on the eventual purchase) then we starve.

And if we starve, you all won’t have this blog to read every day.

So, if you need help buying an investment property, whether it’s your first or your 27th, get in touch and hire us to help you!