An intriguing article about murder in LA

The LA Times has an interesting article today about the release of a study recently completed on the nature of homicide in LA.

Characteristically, the Times buries the ledes: Of the 260 homicides in LA during 2014, 62% of all homicides in LA are gang-related.

While gangsters occasionally kill non-gangsters, the vast majority of gang-related killings involve victims who are also gang-affiliated.

If you strip out the gang-related killings, you’re left with 125 homicides in a city of 3.9MM people, a homicide rate of 0.0032%.

In other words, if you’re not in a gang, your risk of being intentionally killed by another human being are vanishingly small, so small that it’s literally not worth thinking about.

But here’s a question: Why aren’t the police doing more about gangs?