Wading through shit

That’s basically what we do all day.

What do I mean?

Well, we’re looking for mismanaged, run-down, incorrectly-priced assets for ourselves or our clients to buy.

Very often, the processes we have to navigate to secure these screw-up assets are, to put it mildly, “non-standard”.

This ain’t the kind of brokering they teach down at your friendly neighborhood real estate office (you know the one I mean… where they mostly do single family homes and the success of the agents mostly depends on how white their teeth are).

We see all manner of greed, incompetence, fraud, unlawful behavior towards tenants, double-dealing, etc.

Our job is to navigate through all of the above to secure the assets in question without exposing ourselves and / or our clients to undue risk and without doing anything unlawful / unethical ourselves.

Basically, we wade through shit. Why? Because, in a market like this one, you gotta wade through shit to get the gold.