Hi Moses…

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It’s been about a month since escrow closed on my purchase of [redacted]. I want to thank you for directing me to David and let you know that I’m really pleased with the way he helped me find and manage the deal.

The deal was great for multiple reasons including a foreclosure that left 3 of the 4 units vacant at the time of sale and a selling agent that underestimated the market rents and therefore the value of the property. Long story short, I just finished doing a little rehabbing largely based on David’s advice, have rented the vacant units and now have a building with a GRM of 8.03 [!] in a gentrifying area that’s pretty decent.

Barring any major issues with the property, I plan to hold onto this building for a long time. I’ll definitely be doing business with David and Adaptive Realty in the future. Thanks.