University Park Rent Survery

Today, we’re looking at rents in the USC University Park area. It’s an older neighborhood, centered on the University, with loads of old Victorian and Craftsmen homes in various states of repair.

Situated between downtown and South Los Angeles, there is easy access to the 110 and 10 freeways and the Expo Metro line.

Given the proximity to campus, much of the rental housing is geared towards students, pushing rents higher than usual for an area where the median income is under $20,000. Unlike many of the other neighborhoods surveyed recently, there is quite a bit of inventory, albeit at much higher prices.

Here are the highlights of our survey:

  • Median asking rent for one bed / one bath units was $1395 / month
  • Median asking rent for two bed units was $1900 / month.
  • Median asking for three bed /on bath units was $2,200 (the sole 3/3 unit was listed for $3,000)

Aspiring landlords in the area ought to remember that renting to students is not like being a normal landlord. You end up dealing with turn-over every year, loads of wear-and-tear on the assets, and rent collection issues. My strong advice if you’re thinking of becoming a student housing landlord is to get the parents to co-sign all leases and collect very large security deposits. Consider yourself warned!

The fine print: For our rent survey, we looked at apartments for rent in the area defined as USC University Park by the LA Times neighborhood mapping project. Here’s the raw data: University Park Rent Survey 3-12 (1)