A good apartment deal

This site is 99.9% for owners. But, because I’m always looking at rents in different neighborhoods, I sometimes come across very good rental deals.

The one I’ve linked to below isn’t one of our buildings (otherwise, the rent would be higher!).

It’s a huge apartment, with loads of parking, W/D, etc. in a fourplex in a decent part of Mid City, for a ridiculously low rent. And, it’s rent controlled. My guess is that whoever ends up moving in will never, ever want to leave.

I have no connection with the building. Think of this as a public service for the renters who read this blog:


(Oh, and PS: This is why you hire professional management. This apartment should go for $200 more, which would mean adding $200 x 12 x 10 = $24k to the value of the building!)