Growing the team

An update for those of you following our progress in building the Adaptive Realty team:

  1. We’ve added a new property manager, Ignacio, who will be responsible for overseeing all of our existing apartment properties and assisting Jon with the properties we have under construction.
  2. We’ve added a new leasing agent, Bana, who will be handling leasing for vacancies in the existing portfolio and also in the new projects we have coming on-line. We have a duplex in Hollywood and five units in Echo Park coming this week, so we’re going to keep her very busy.
  3. We’re bringing on board another sales agent, David, who I am training to help buyers with acquisitions. David was a year behind me at Princeton. He’s super-sharp and entrepreneurial and he’s going to kick ass for my clients.
  4. Finally, last but not least, I’ve found Natalie to help with research and writing for this blog. So, look for more hard info on rents, pricing, etc. coming down the pike.

We can feel the momentum building in our business and we’re super-excited about the upcoming year!