A vote of confidence

Had a great phone call today that I’m going to brag about. Sue me.

A guy who runs a fairly large brokerage office called me asking for advice. He has a client who wants to list a medium-sized apartment building and the broker doesn’t really know anything about doing multifamily sales.

He got my name from an escrow officer in his office with whom I did a deal around six months ago. Apparently, she told him I know about apartments.

Anyway, he asked some questions and I gave him some advice (mostly around pricing and how to run the sale process).

When I told Lucy, she quite reasonably pointed out that I should have asked to get paid on the deal. And maybe I should have.

But, to be honest, just getting the call was kind of great. When other brokers are asking you for advice (and reading this blog – hi guys!), you know you’re doing something right.