Brokers… can’t live with ’em

Just ran across a listing which has been sitting on the market for a month in Northeast LA.

The listing puts the price at $1,250,000 and the square footage at 2,170 sq ft. That’s $576 / sq ft, which is ridiculous, even in today’s inflated market.

I decided, on a whim, to look the property up on Zimas to see what’s going on.

Not surprisingly, the broker has neglected to include two of the three structures on the property in the square footage listed on the MLS.

In real life, the property has 2,918 sq ft of structure. That makes the price a still-high-but-not-insane $428 / sq ft.

I bet thousands of buyers have seen this property on the MLS, taken a look at the price per square foot, and then passed over it.

Not really the kind of marketing you want, as a seller.