Going to Sacramento

Jon and I are going to look at a few large apartment complexes up in Sacramento this evening / tomorrow.

We’ve never done 100+ unit deals before and we’ve never done anything outside of our little area, so it’s going to be kind of interesting.

Here’s the question I keep turning over in my mind: Would “normal” people who live in 100+ unit complexes in Sacramento respond to the kind of design choices that have made our units so popular with renters in Silver Lake / Echo Park?

On one hand, quality is quality. I assume almost everyone would prefer wood floors to carpet, open spaces to closed ones, clean / modern cabinets to old crappy ones, washer/dryers to not having washer/dryers, etc.

On the other hand, it’s not clear that the kind of Dwell-light stuff we do will play with a non-hipster crowd. Maybe we need to look into crown moldings?

Anyway, anyone who has any insight or ideas on the above is very welcome to comment. I’ll do a follow-up post when we get back to let you know where I come down on this issue after touring the area and inspecting the complexes.