Maybe I’m insensitive, but…

…thank god the city’s finally doing something about the disgusting conditions on Skid Row.

The LA Times had a good piece detailing the nearly 5 tons of filth removed from that neighborhood over the past few days.

City workers removed “soiled mattresses, sofas, wheelchairs and portable commodes…[plus] 278 hypodermic needles, 94 syringes, 60 razor blades, 10 knives, 11 items of drug paraphernalia and a stash of marijuana.”

We’re looking seriously at some opportunities Downtown right now. One of the major things stopping us is the fact that potential renters don’t feel safe around people shooting up and defecating in the street.I can’t imagine another city that would let this kind of behavior go on in its central business district. It’s not that I think LA should be cruel to people with problems. Far from it. I just think that there ought to be a balance between their rights and the rights of everyone else to live in neighborhoods free of hypodermic needles, etc.