Los Feliz Rent Survey – July 2012

It’s time to continue our regular survey of Los Angeles rents. We do these surveys to give renters, landlords, developers, lenders, and appraisers access to up-to-date information on the rental market. This time, we’re focusing on Los Feliz.

Things to note:

  • This was a whopper of a survey, because Los Feliz is a huge neighborhood, stretching from Western all the way over to the LA River;
  • There are different sub-neighborhoods in Los Feliz, including the apartment-dense section to the west, the extremely pricey single family homes north of Los Feliz Blvd., and the walkable, restaurant- and bar-studded Los Feliz Village at the northern ends of Vermont and Hillhurst;
  • Generally, supply decreases and price increases as you move from east to west west to east.
Now, to the rents:
  • Median rent for a studio is $885 (seems like a steal!); only one out of the ten available came with parking
  • Median rent for a one bed / one bath with no parking was $1,400; adding a parking space increases the price to $1,568
  • Median rent for a two bed / one bath with no parking was $1,700; adding parking takes you up to $1,952!
  • Median rent for a two bed / two bath with parking was only a bit more: $1,988 (though there were only three available)
  • Median rent for the few three bed units available was $3,292 (at least all of them came with parking!)

Here are a few great deals that we came across:

The fine print: Our survey was based on a search of Craigslist apartment listings using the keyword “Los Feliz” on 7/24/2012. We checked all addresses to ensure the units were in Los Feliz (as defined by the LA Times neighborhood mapping project); any units without an address specified were removed from the survey. For the raw data, click here: Los Feliz Rent Survey – July 2012