$500k flip opportunity

Am going to blast out a tasty small apartment flip deal at around 2pm PST today to the mailing list.

I’m intimately familiar with the deal and I think it’s a winner for someone who can bring $500k in cash to cover acquisition and renovation. The upside is $60-125k in profits within six months or so.* But you need to be willing to get your hands dirty.

I didn’t do it myself because I would have had to finance with hard money, and the numbers just don’t make sense if you have to pay approximately 20% interest (the annualized rate – I can explain some other time if you want).

If you’re interested in doing a flip deal and have $500k in cash, get on the mailing list right now by going here and following instructions.

*This is an estimate which is not to be relied upon. You will need to do your own investigation!