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When is a rehab not a rehab?

When is a rehab not really a rehab? Here are some pics of a deal on Alvarado, a duplex we’re changing into a 4plex. As you’ll see, the only thing separating this “rehab” from a ground-up project is, well, a door-frame. On 7/28, after we bought it: On 9/17, mid demo: On 10/29, as the foundation

Why the rent is so damn high

Someone asked me yesterday why the rent in LA is so damn high. Figured it would make an interesting post for the blog, so here goes: Demand for close-in apartments in all major cities is growing due to: Demographics, eg more people in the prime rental age range of, says, 22-35; and A society-wide shift

In defense of micro-units

Just read a fairly irritating article over at Curbed LA regarding “micro-units”, which are generally defined as apartments smaller than 400 sq ft. The tone of the article is pretty negative. The blogger (whose work I generally like) spends a lot of time emphasizing how small 400 sq ft is. Micro-units are part of the

Yet another example of city-imposed insanity

Many of you know that LA is in the process of adopting stringent earthquake retrofit rules intended to prevent the collapse of so-called soft-story apartment buildings. So I thought you’d appreciate this story from the front lines: We are in the process of renovating a building with a soft-story for a partner. Here’s a picture

Considering crowdfunding

One of our competitors put a deal up on a crowdfunding site recently, so far with not-particularly-good results. Still, it made me think about whether crowdfunding is right for Adaptive. We have traditionally had a minimum investment of $100k for our deals. This is mostly for ease of administration… each investor, no matter how small, should

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