Announcing the launch of Hyperion Property Management

At Adaptive, we’re always looking for ways to serve more partners, whether those partners are investors, property owners or tenants.

We’ve noticed recently that more and more owners of single family homes on the Eastside are choosing to rent those homes out, rather than sell them, once they’re ready to move.

This makes sense. The property taxes are generally quite low (thanks, Prop 13!), and the rents you can get for a nice-size homes in cool, Eastside neighborhoods are pretty high.

But someone paying $8k / month expects a very high level of service, and, until now, there has not been a property management company specifically focused on managing single-family home rentals on the Eastside.

So, we went out and found a guy who knows more than we will ever know about building relationships, Ludovico Marenzi, and partnered with him to launch Hyperion Property Management.

Importantly, Hyperion will never do sales or leasing. Its sole business is property management. Our plan is to partner with brokers and agents who handle sales and leasing, rather than compete with them. Brokers can introduce us to their client and feel totally confident that, when it comes time for that client to lease or sell their home, we will send the client right back to them.

Do you have a single family home on the Eastside for which you need very high-quality property management services? Please reach out to Ludovico at lmarenzi [at] hyperionpm [dot] com.