One of the dumbest things I ever did

Was just going back through old posts for inspiration and came across this one, which rivals anything I’ve ever done for shear idiocy.

If you found gold lying on the ground, would you:

  1. Jump up and down screaming about how there was gold on the ground so as to call it to the attention of everyone else? Or
  2. Shut up and grab as much gold as you could

If you answered #1, you’re a far better person than I (though likely a much worse investor).

Now, in my defense:

  1. Between when I wrote that stupid post and last year, we bought a ton of buildings in East Hollywood;
  2. At the time, we had great ideas (obviously!) but no capital… so I was desperate to attract investors

But this is why, when people ask me (as they do every single week) where we’re buying, I say something like “You know, the usual places”.