Why I’m nice to cold-calling brokers

Just like everyone else who owns property, my phone rings off the hook every day with brokers calling me, trying to get me to list my properties for sale.

No one likes receiving cold marketing calls, including me. But I do my best to be kind to the people calling. Why?

I’m not a seller, so there’s zero chance these people are getting a listing out of me. But brokers are the actors in the market who are out there, every day, matching buyers and sellers… in other words, making deals happen.

So, instead of angrily hanging up on them, I try to use each call as an opportunity to let that broker know what I want to buy (beat-up, old apartment buildings in LA) and how (all cash, with a quick close).

By doing this, patiently, every day, I hope to continue to grow my reputation as the kind of buyer to whom brokers want to sell buildings.