A moment of gratitude

Want to pause for a moment to express gratitude for where we are and how far we’ve come since we founded Adaptive Realty in 2011.

Fund 1 was $3.8MM in equity, and it was only that big because I got extremely lucky and had a family office that I’d never worked with before come in for 50% at the last minute.

In January, Fund 5 had its initial closing with $9MM in equity. And I’m working on a few other deals right now which, while not suitable for the fund, will require another ~$9MM of capital that we’re highly confident of pulling together.

It’s taken a lot of hard work to get us here. But it’s also taken a lot of really good luck, from the good health that Jon and I have enjoyed, to stumbling across really great partners who have believed in us, to hiring amazing people who we found basically by accident, to being chosen as buyers on deals where there were many other groups offering similar prices, etc.

So, today, just want to express our gratitude to the universe for allowing us to come so far, so fast.