Looking for an intern

Am in the market for a new intern, and figured I’d see if you people can help.

I hired my last intern, David, maybe four years ago. He worked for us part time during college, then came on full-time immediately after graduating.

At first, he was just my assistant. Over time, as he gained experience and I gained trust in his competence, I gave him more and more responsibility. At this point, he is extremely knowledgable about the business and handles important, complicated projects for me. I hope he’s with us forever.

Because David has grown into such an important contributor, I find myself wanting to try to repeat the process with another young person.

The role is very fluid, running the gamut from assistant-type stuff, to research, to looking at potential deals, to coordinating appraisals and insurance inspections… in short, whatever needs to get done on a given day.

Because the job is so varied and, more importantly, because I’m hoping to grow this person into another key contributor, I’m looking for:

  • Interest in real estate
  • Smarts, both book and, importantly, street smarts (a ton of what we do involves quickly identifying the incentives of different parties in a situation and figuring out how to create win-wins)
  • Energy (this is an underrated attribute in life, generally – give me an energetic 7 over a lazy 10 any day)
  • Some knowledge of business / contract / insurance law – even just a few classes would help
  • A sharp memory
  • Personal integrity (I have structured my life so as to spend literally zero time with people I distrust)

We can create a schedule that fits around school. And we will pay something reasonable (I hate the idea of people working for free, ever).

So, if you or someone you know is a college kid who fits the above criteria, that person should reach out to me.