How we think about apartment design

When you’re designing apartment buildings, you need to resolve the following tension: You want the units to be cool enough to attract tenants today, while making them timeless enough to attract tenants for decades to come.

We have settled on what I like to think of as “authentic Socal minimalism”:

  • “Authentic”, because we avoid using any material trying to be something else… no fake wood, no fake cabinets, no cheap hardware masquerading as fancy, etc;
  • “Socal”, because we emphasize informal, open floorplans with indoor-outdoor flow, so residents can enjoy our amazing weather; and
  • “Minimal”, because we keep the stylistic flourishes to a minimum, to allow tenants to put their own stamp on these homes AND to keep the units from looking dated as tastes evolve.

Since we put a lot of thought into this stuff, it’s super cool when we see tenants embrace our aesthetic and use it as a canvas for their own creativity… like these tenants did at a really cool, small building we manage in East Hollywood.