Finishing up a five unit

Just finished a cool five unit building in an area we know really, really well. It’s actually the third building we’ve done on the same block!

To be honest, we knew this deal was a great one the moment we got it under contract… it was so good that the broker tried to chase us out of the deal during escrow (presumably because he had so many other buyers willing to pay more).

It’s one thing to go under contract on a deal that feels like a home-run on the numbers. It’s another to actually execute.

In this instance, Jon had to wrestle with structures that were were built prior to the imposition in LA of recognizably modern building codes in the 1920s. This means designing around an asymmetric building, which meant that all the units had to be unique.

That meant more work for him… but I the units came out pretty well, though, right?

(Note: Unlike a bunch of buildings I’ve seen lately, these ceilings were done with permits… which requires a whole bunch of specialized engineering, structural and roof work.)