A bit of inspiration

In light of all the doom and gloom about our country bouncing around during this election season, thought I’d share a story that inspires me every time I think about it.

Our gardener in in his 70s.

He came here from Mexico a million years ago.

He and his company care for the landscaping at something like 40 buildings for us, plus who knows how many other properties for other people.

He employs his son plus a bunch of other laborers, all of whom appear to do a really good job.

He owns his own home in Los Feliz, which he bought when prices were cheap in 1995. Just looked it up now and I think it’s worth like $900k.

All over the country, there are stories like this one. Immigrants who came here to work, kicked ass, and made something better for themselves and their families.

And anyone who says that there aren’t opportunities for young people to do what our gardener did is an idiot. This is probably the lowest barrier to entry business in the world and he made it work with skill, care, and a great attitude.