Project: New lease

Over the next few days, am going to spend a bunch of time revamping our standard lease.

Why would I do this boring job? Aren’t all leases pretty much the same?

The answer is, obviously, no way.

First, landlord-tenant law changes over time. As new laws are enacted and new court decisions come down, what is and is not allowed / enforceable in a lease changes. So, your lease needs to keep up.

Second, we are always running into new and interesting problems with tenants which we want to head off in the lease. Once enough of these little problems accumulate, it’s worth taking the time to revise the lease to deal with them.

Since college, where I regularly wrote 10-20 page papers in a day or two, my attention span has diminished. But I can force myself to do projects like this new lease, because I know it’s going to benefit our organization for years to come.