Why I won’t use Lawyer’s Title again

When you’re in a commodity business like supplying title insurance in Los Angeles, you have a strong incentive to provide really great customer service, because, otherwise, how can you distinguish your company from all the other companies providing exactly the same coverage at pretty much the same price?

So it’s been pretty frustrating this morning dealing with officious, bureaucratic nonsense from Lawyer’s Title, which mislabeled a loan pay-off wire to our lender, causing the wire to bounce.

You’d think, in a scenario like that, the title company would be bending over backwards to get a new wire out. And you would be wrong.

To resolve the issue, I tried calling our title officer who presumably has an interest in more business (unlike the people in the wiring office). Didn’t help.

Anyway, I usually leave the choice of title company up to the escrow officer if the prices are comparable. But, going forward, Lawyers is off my list.