Beware fake Adaptive ads on Craigslist

Recently, we’ve had a little burst of scammers copying our rental ads and using them to rip people off.

I suppose on some level, this is flattering… they probably feel like the pics of our units will get people fired up enough to wire money to Nigeria or where-ever the hell the scammer live.

But I’m obviously outraged. We’ve worked so hard to build a brand that stands for high quality apartments and good customer service. And some nitwit is out there using our name and pictures to rip people off.

Whoever it is is pretty brilliant: He’s using our stuff, but quoting rents much lower than we charge, thereby causing a frenzy of people interested (we know, because some of them call us!).

So, if you see an ad using our pictures and name and quoting a ridiculously low price get in touch with us and confirm before wiring anyone any money.