Why work with Adaptive

Met with a potential new agent for Adaptive yesterday who asked an interesting question: What differentiates Adaptive from other brokerages that he might join?

The answer is actually pretty simple: Unlike pretty much every other brokerage I can think of, Adaptive specializes in advising buyers of investment property (as opposed to sellers).

Representing sellers is definitely the tried-and-true strategy for building a brokerage. After all, if you get a listing that is somewhat reasonably priced, your listing will sell and you will earn a commission.

Compare that to the plight of the agent representing buyers: We can work with a buyer for a while, make a bunch of strong offers, and never make a deal, because we lose out to people willing to pay more.

It’s pretty clear why an investor would want to work with us: We have established a long track record of helping investors make smart property acquisitions by using the same methodology we employ for our own deals.

By why would an agent looking to build a brokerage career work at Adaptive? Honestly, they wouldn’t. Or, at least, they wouldn’t if they want to stay an agent.

The kind of people who come to work with us do so because they want to learn how to make really smart deals on the buy side so that they can eventually go do that for themselves. Meanwhile, while working with us, they get great experience and make some money.

If that sounds like you, you should reach out.