What chutzpah!

Have been following a listing in Highland Park for a little while and wanted to share it with you all.*

It’s a decent-size deal in a good area at a somewhat reasonable price. So, what’s the big deal?

If you dig into the listing info, you will see that the building has an underground parking area, which is highly unusual for a building of this vintage in this area.

And if you check the permit record, you will (likely) come away convinced that the parking area was built entirely without permits.

Now, as many of you know, I did some un-permitted work early in my career, for which I paid dearly (so dearly that we never, ever do it now).

So I’ve been a cowboy. But I’ve never seen anyone cowboy in an underground garage… that is truly amazing. Undermining a building without the supervision of city engineers / inspectors is asking for major trouble in the event the thing collapses.

*Note: I’m not sharing the listing itself because I don’t want to cause trouble for the owner or listing broker, both of whom are honorable people, to my knowledge.