Pondering single family home brokerage

As deals become harder to find in this cycle, we’re thinking about new ways to expand our business.

One of the options is to make a push into single family home brokerage.

Before you keel over, understand: I’m not advocating that people buy single family homes as investments. Except in very specific circumstances (like 2009-2011), they’re not.

But everyone needs a place to live and it’s perfectly reasonable to buy a house, so long as you understand that doing so is more of a consumption decision than an investment.

So, what would Adaptive bring to the table in the single family home world?

  1. We know our neighborhoods better than anyone;
  2. We’re experts at mitigating risk in real estate deals; and
  3. We’re experts at renovating older properties.

But, to build a serious SFR brokerage business, we would need to:

  1. Revamp our branding, which is currently a mess (you can probably tell from this blog that I am a verbal, rather than visual, person)
  2. Recruit / train relevant personnel

Not sure if the effort / investment involved is worth the hassle. Thoughts?