What we want to buy (part 346)

The market for apartment buildings has been dry as a bone so far this year and I’m starting to get antsy again.

Judging from past experience (documented on this blog), what this means is that I’ll be in escrow on like three deals next week.

But, for the sake of leaving no stone unturned, allow me to repeat my acquisition criteria here, so that all the brokers reading (hi guys and gals!) know what to bring me.

We want:

  • 4 units and up
  • Northeast LA
  • Challenged buildings – beat-up, low rents, etc.

We will:

  • Give you a “yes” or “no” very quickly… usually within hours
  • Pay cash
  • Close quickly
  • Allow you to double-end the deal
  • If there’s no listing agreement, pay you a buy-side commission
  • Keep all opportunities 100% confidential

As I’ve said here on a million occasions, we do everything in our power to be be good buyers. We don’t care about the physical condition, we don’t care about books and records and we don’t chip price.

If you have a deal you want show me, send it to moses [at] adaptiverealty [dot] come.