What hustle can do for you

Further to my earlier post about the amount of opportunity available for Millennials who want to seize it… thought I’d share with you the experience of one of our leasing agents this weekend.

Keep in mind this woman has a full-time job she works during the week.

Instead of sitting around all weekend (like I did), she worked on leasing two new buildings for us.

My guess is that she worked something like 30 hours over both days posting ads, responding to inquiries, arranging showings, taking applications and filling out leases.

When all the dust settles, I believe she will have completed 4-5 leases, which ought to net her in the neighborhood of $3,000 in commissions. That’s like $100 / hour.

To give you some context: The tuition for in-state students at the UC schools this year is something like $12,500.

Remember that when you hear people talking about how impossible it is to pay off student loan debt.