Thanks to Kris and David

Am slammed all day today, but wanted to use this opportunity to give a huge public THANK YOU to two people who don’t get nearly enough credit in our organization: Kris and David F.

Together, Kris and David handle all of our bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, oversee 50+ bank accounts, produce financial reporting, and assist with tax returns for god-knows how many entities.

In addition to everything else they do around here, for the last few weeks they’ve been slaving away on 1099s, which are forms the IRS requires we send everyone we paid over $400 in 2015… which, as you can imagine, is A LOT of people.

The nature of our business is that my assistant and I create problems (by buying properties), Jon and his team fix them (by renovating / building structures on them), the management team keeps things on track, and the finance people keep everyone else in line and make sure the investors get their money and no one goes to jail.

Too often, we focus on the first three and no the last. So, today, I’m thanking Kris and David publicly.