A short book recommendation

Am super busy today with deals and hiring, so this is going to be a short piece.

Want to plug a business book which anyone interested in marketing, even tangentially, should definitely read: Permission Marketing by Seth Godin.

It’s an old book… more than a decade now. But it’s timeless, because, unlike lots of marketing books that focus primarily on tactics, Permission Marketing is really about the philosophy that should underpin a good marketing campaign.

In a nutshell: A marketer ought to use her resources (mainly, her advertising budget) to secure from prospective customers permission to contact them again. She ought to make use of this permission to educate customers regarding the benefits of her product, careful never to abuse the customer’s permission, which can always be withdrawn.

That is what we’re going to do with our apartment marketing (and, incidentally, what I do with the mailing list for this blog!).