Do you want to pay the price?

Every morning, when I’m leaving the gym, I ask myself one question: Did I pay the price?

What I mean by that is: Did I put in the effort necessary to get the result I want? It’s kind of a gut check, just to see if I really tried or if, for whatever reason, I slacked.

And that’s kind of how I feel about business, too.

If you want to build something big and great, you’re going to have to deal with unbelievable torrents of shit. Tenants threaten to sue you, the city cites you, you lose deals, you get told “no” by investors, the bank won’t buy your refi valuation, leases fall through, criminals rip off your plumbing, clients are up your ass, people leave, etc.

There’s always a way forward, even when confronted by some or all of the above. It’s just usually distasteful, annoying, hard, risky, expensive, etc.

In short, you need to pay the price.

Honestly, some days, I’m not sure I want to pay it. And I’m pretty sure there are days when Jon doesn’t want to, either. But we always do. And that’s why Adaptive is what it is.