3100 London is in lease-up

We’re just beginning leasing on 3100 London, the largest project ever undertaken by Adaptive.

This one was a bear. Among other things, we upped the unit count from 24 to 27, totally reconfigured all the units, re-vamped most of the entrances, constructed private outdoor spaces for all the units and resolved a majorly painful situation with vagrants. When we started this project, Adaptive was, I think, 3-4 people and managed like 50 units. Now we’re at nine people and manage 400.

The good news is that units are amazing: Silver Lake location, parking, private outdoor space, single-story (so, no one above you), sliding glass doors, brand-new everything.

Here are some pics:

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They’re all one bedrooms priced between $1850 and $2100. They’re moving very fast and I think this will become one of the coolest communities to live in in Silver Lake.

If you are interested in being part of it, email Ilana [at] adaptiverealty [dot] com.