What we do

It’s been a while, so I figured I’d remind everyone exactly what we do here at Adaptive Realty:

  1. Money-management: This part of our business involves investing money on behalf of ourselves and our equity partners. The structures vary. Some deals are blind pools, where we select the properties to buy. Others are one-off JVs, where we bring a specific property to one investor to build or renovate in partnership. We’ve also recently figured out how to place 1031 sale proceeds through this kind of deal, which is a pretty nice solution in this market (where it’s easy to sell but hard to buy).
  2. Fee-for-service development: For select, very well-capitalized clients, we will undertake fee development work. This is where we help find, buy, renovate and re-tenant a project in exchange for cash fees, rather than an ownership position. This is an interesting tool for brokers to use, because (with the right budget) we can transform any building into something cool / live-able.
  3. Brokerage: Adaptive Realty, Inc. provides brokerage services primarily to investors looking to buy their own apartment buildings. While we have brokered pretty large deals, our sweet spot is providing very high-quality advice to regular people looking to buy 2-4 unit buildings.
  4. Property management: We built our property management platform for our own properties and the ones we renovate through our fee-for-service business. We will also manage property on behalf of select 3rd party owners if the properties are in very good condition, the tenants are decent human beings, and the owners are willing to do what is necessary to ensure things stay that way.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the services set out above, take a look at adaptiverealty.com and then get in touch.